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[06/12/2019] Loyalty point system + loyalty titles

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Hey all,

Today I'd like to introduce you to our new loyalty point system. You can receive loyalty points by leveling, bossing, voting and buying bonds. You are able to spend your loyalty points in Xuan's loyalty points exchange and buy exclusive player loyalty titles. I have also fixed a few other things and did some minor changes to the home area. Next thing to do on my bucket list is adding a decent gambling system with interface and different game modes.


Loyalty title manager:




Patches and other small updates:

  • Fixed global chat and public chat mod icon positions
  • You can now jump into the well of gambling to go to the gambling area
  • Talk with Seren at home to spend your voting points and receive more information about voting
  • Fixed alot of player animations
  • Chambers of Xeric have been made more stable
  • Global chat now shows the correct player crowns
  • Added more items to the squeal of fortune
  • Ents will now drop ent twigs which can be spent in Berry's twig exchange
  • Updated the in-game mod crowns to match with the forums
  • Added player names above head
  • Friends/ignores list now have a complete new look to match with our theme
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