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Closed beta release, h'ween event and more

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Dear Fremennikians,

I'd like to announce you that we have an official closed beta release date, this will be friday 30 october 8PM (20:00) server time. We are looking for some dedicated players who wants to apply for the closed beta, this will mean that you are willing to help us and report as many bugs as possible.

You can sign up for being a part of our closed beta by joining our discord channel: https://discord.gg/ymfUC4Y

Every player who joins us in this, will be able to complete the 2020 h'ween event. You'll need to assist Death with retrieving the full spooky set from the skeletons which are spawned in Edgeville. Once this has been completed you will receive a full spookier set (cosmetic). In addition every monster above level 100 has a 1/150 chance to drop a Spooky mystery box, this box contains various consumables and bones rewards, with a 1/750 chance to receive a death pet. The death pet will make you keep one additional item upon death.




Kind regards,

The Fremennik staff team


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