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Rules & Regulations

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Dear community,

To keep the server from pure anarchy we have set a number of "Household Rules" that you will have to follow on our server.

Please make sure to read and understand these rules when you join us so that we can avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Breaking either of these rules will result in sanction the severity of which being entirely dependant on which rule was broken. We will take past good behaviour into consideration when we make our judgement but do not expect a pardon when you cross the line.


1. Bug Abuse / Hacking

We do not take the abuse of bugs lightly. This includes things such as but are not limited to cheat engine, marcos, alternate clients, item duplication, unintended safe-spotting and no-clipping. Should you encounter a problem with the server then please report this to a staff member as soon as possible so we can patch it. Whoever reports a bug will be rewarded.

2. Advertising

Avoid any mention of other RSPS in our chats. We understand if you are catching up with someone from the past and mention where you met but do not try to advertise anything from outside of this community.

3. Scamming

It is absolutely not permitted to trick other players into an unfair exchange whether this is trade or otherwise. Be careful of who you interact with and make sure to collect evidence in case you do get scammed as this will speed up our investigation. Wilderness lures ARE tolerated. Always be careful who you trust going to the wilderness with.

4. Racism and discrimination

We have a 0 tolerance policy on judgement based on heritage, religion, appearance or otherwise. It is fine if you want your own closed group of friends, but do not bully or undermine players that might be different from you. Everybody has their own struggles so live and let live.

5. Spam

Communication is one of the most important things to us, but this doesn't mean that you should repeat what you have to say twenty times over in quick succession. Spamming in any of our chats will result in a mute the duration of which will depend on the message and the amount of previous offences.

5. Doxing & DDoSing

Both the collecting of private information on our players and attacking their networks are strictly forbidden. Should there be tension between two parties, those can be resolved through other means. Any player discovered doxing or DDoSing another player will be banned immediately. 

6. Harassment

If we notice that a player is being harassed we will not hesitate to take action against the offender. Harassment can come in a lot of shapes such as for example continuous messages after being asked to stop, slurs and stalking. We ask you to stop whatever you are doing when a player feels harassed. Please note that whatever happens in the Wilderness does not count towards this rule. If you wish to focus a player as a PKer for example, then you are free to do so.

7. Begging

We are a staff team, not a charity organisation. If you want something then you will have to work for it. Whether you keep asking players for items or staff members, we will not tolerate begging as this can easily turn into harassment. Dancing for money is totally allowed though, in fact, it is encouraged.

8. Inappropriate messages or images

Whilst we can tolerate some occasional profanity, do not push the limit. We are after all a place where all are welcome and some might not feel the same way about certain words as you do. Anyone posting graphic images containing things such as nudity or unsettling violence will be permanently banned from posting on our forums and discord server.

Note that these rules might alter in the future depending on which restrictions the server requires to uphold a stable environment. As always we appreciate your feedback and should you have any concern regarding our policies then feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,

The Fremennik staff team.

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