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[25/12/2019] Gambling, squeal of fortune, teleportation and more!

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Ho ho ho!

First off all I want to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy newyear. I hope you all have a good time with your family, eat and drink as much as you can. I'm so excited for 2020, because I know it will be OUR year. Unfortunately I had to postpone the date of the release, due to some bugs we encountered. And I don't want to release something half-done. So the new release date will be 30/01/2020, I hope you guys are still as excited as I am. For now we got alot to show-off, since it's about twenty days ago that I posted a latest updates post, but that didn't mean I stopped working daily on new updates and content.


We have a brand new teleporting interface:



Gamble against other players:



Every player will now receive a daily squeal of fortune spin at midnight:



The possible rewards for the squeal of fortune have been redone:




Patches and other small updates:

  • Arthur at home can now assign you up to three daily tasks to complete, either choose skilling or pvm tasks, in next update you will get more info about this
  • Fixed private message chat position
  • Edited a few interfaces to match more with the server's theme
  • Changed the background for our website, you can customize the background of the forums by clicking the background image at top
  • Fixed alot of player animations
  • Fixed a huge memory leak which was killing the server
  • Packed alot of sprites so the cache downloads quicker
  • Fixed the cache auto downloader
  • Removed certain unuseful commands
  • Deleted alot of unused classes in the source
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