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    Welcome Murci 🙂 Thanks for joining us and see you soon 😉
  2. Dear community, To keep the server from pure anarchy we have set a number of "Household Rules" that you will have to follow on our server. Please make sure to read and understand these rules when you join us so that we can avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Breaking either of these rules will result in sanction the severity of which being entirely dependant on which rule was broken. We will take past good behaviour into consideration when we make our judgement but do not expect a pardon when you cross the line. 1. Bug Abuse / Hacking We do not take the abuse
  3. We would like to invite all of you to join our official discord server. This way, we have a more direct line of communication with each other. The discord server is still a work in progress so should you have any suggestions for changes or additions feel free to give us the head's up and we will take your voice into consideration. Our discord will host exclusive giveaways and you will be notified when we release a new update. We plan on making good use of the voice channels during community events to make them just that tad more personal. Apart from getting notified, our discord will
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