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  1. Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Map Brimhaven Dungeon Map Catacombs Of Kourend Map Edgeville Dungeon Map Fremmenik Dungeon Map Mount Karuulm Map Slayer Dungeon Map Slayer Tower Map Taverley Dungeon Map If any new dungeons is added later down the line guide will be updated.
  2. didnt look close enough for that discord link my bad 😛
  3. i personally think black - bandos - justicar - infernal cape would be a good add to those ranks Black obv between steel-mithril Bandos between dragon-serp justicar above serp and infernal cape as final
  4. chatbox on forum. Make it easier to notice the "play" button when you open client (i didnt even notice it just thought it was stuck for a long time) A discord where its alot easier to contact staff if any help is needed (looked but couldnt find a link) (if help is needed to setup a discord i can do so just let me know) Make a active showcase of "online status" on the login screen https://gyazo.com/21be8cc58b03124c367dc91b5a7063f9 currently its hard to tell if server is even up or offline for updates or just broke down
  5. Martin

    Wont let me login

    im currently stuck in the login screen even tho beta is suppost to end in a little over a day any reason why? also couldnt find a forum section for "support" msg's or regular posts about the server is that intended?
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