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  1. Dear Fremennikians, I may proudly announce you that we have a collaboration with Zeno Inu. It is still in very early stages but there will be a second world available on the client of Fremennik where you can log in. You will need to burn some of your Zeno Inu tokens to receive access to the second world. I will be hosting weekly tournaments (skilling, pvm, pvp, ...) that will reward you very nicely. As I said it's still in very early stages so I will keep you posted for more information. Please note that this won't have any effect on the current game play and you'll still be able to play
  2. Thank you for this guide sir. Thumbs up! 🙂
  3. Dear players, I get alot of questions about donating and the different premium ranks. That's why I've decided to create a topic about all the benefits you get as a premium member. You can become a premium member by buying bonds from the store or from other players. Once you have redeemed the bond you will automatically receive your premium rank as well as some premium tickets which can be spent in Party pete's store (look picture below). I will list the rewards below from claiming premium bonds. You also have to know that all the donated money goes straight into the server to improv
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    Hey man, welcome and I'm very happy to have you here!
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