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  2. Looking good! Can't wait to play.
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to give an update of progress our developers, Alex and Clive are doing to improve the server everyday. Keep pushing out those suggestions or bug reports in discord to further the progress of the server. Thanks for everyone's hard work! Here's a list of everything that has currently been done (I'll add pictures after): Updates/New content: - A lot of items were added to the item upgrade machine - New weapons, Noxious scythe and noxious longbow - Squeal of Fortune has a lot of new different/better rewards - Added a dragon mystery box, gives rand
  4. This upcoming Friday, November 13th Alex is discounting ALL items 20% off inside the donation store All items that are not counting towards total donated amount will then increase it by half of the price of the item purchased Sale starts on Friday BUT at 00:00 of server time - 00:00 server time the following day (Saturday the 14th) Afterwards, prices go back to the normal 10% as they are now
  5. Dear Fremennikians, I'd like to announce you that we have an official closed beta release date, this will be friday 30 october 8PM (20:00) server time. We are looking for some dedicated players who wants to apply for the closed beta, this will mean that you are willing to help us and report as many bugs as possible. You can sign up for being a part of our closed beta by joining our discord channel: https://discord.gg/ymfUC4Y Every player who joins us in this, will be able to complete the 2020 h'ween event. You'll need to assist Death with retrieving the full spooky set from the
  6. Hey all, I have created this section because I think it's important that the community also has "a voice". We will be communicating a lot of suggestions and you guys have the final word whether an update is coming to the live game or not. So it's important that you guys think wise before you vote for upcoming updates, because this also affects the game play, economy and much more. This poll will be closed at monday 13th of july. I hope you all have a great day ahead.
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